Small Groups

IMG 1522Small groups are the heart of the church and are an opportunity to explore the bible in more depth as well as pray & care for each other.

The House Groups meet midweek on a fortnightly basis for bible study, prayer, friendship and fun. Many meet at other times to socialise. There can be around 8-12 in a group, many meeting in each other's houses.

For those who call Westgate Baptist Church "home" and are not in a housegroup, speak to one of the leadership team.


Based on New Testament passages describing the church: Acts 2:42-7 and 1 Cor 12:12-31

Our small groups are an essential channel for the growth of the whole church, in order that God may be glorified in us. By being part of and meeting together regularly in small groups, we commit to loving each other and supporting each other to:

  • Study, learn from and grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible;
  • Grow in fellowship and strengthen relationships, including by enjoying social time;
  • Pray for one another and the church;
  • Give and receive care, ensuring needs are identified and met;
  • Understand and affirm the value we all have in the church;
  • Discover and develop gifts, and find our places of service; and
  • Identify, support and undertake mission.