Thy Kingdom Come 

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Join the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ from May 13th - May 23rd 2021.

Westgate Prayer Week 16th- 22nd May

As part of this wider global movement, we are committing ourselves to a special week of prayer within this time. There are lots of ways to join in! You can:-

  • Be part of our prayer relay team, praying for 1 hour slots covering each hour from the start of Sunday 16th to midnight on Saturday 22nd May (see link to sign up sheet below);  
  • Pray together as a family using ideas in our family prayer bags;
  • Go on a prayer walk (virtual or outside) and pray for your neighbours and local area using our ideas sheet; and
  • Come to church and use the creative prayer space to encourage your prayers.

24/7 Prayer Week Sign Up

Whether you're 2 years old or 92 years young, let's get every hour from Sunday 16th- 22nd May covered in prayer. That's 168 hours so let's do this together and invite others to join us!

To sign up to your one hour (or more!) of prayer, please click on the link below and make a record of the time you have committed to. As each time slot is booked, it will disappear from the booking system so that we aim to get every hour covered.  

24/7 Prayer Week Sign Up Sheet

This is an exciting opportunity to see God at work as we pray, to encourage each other and to be a witness for Jesus…praying, ‘Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come!’  

We Seek Your Kingdom Worship Song
Listen to a brand new song for our times, fresh lyrics set to the tune of 'Abide With Me'.  The song features worship leaders, Andy Flannagan, Noel Robinson, Donna Akodu and Lou Fellingham.

For more details visit about Thy Kingdom Come and all the resources available visit here: Thy Kingdom Come

Jonathan Harness, 16/05/2020