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We consider prayer vital to the work of the church at Westgate, and to the lives of all the people we come into contact with. We are on a journey as a church to become a 'House of Prayer'. Prayer is therefore an element in everything we do.

However, we also set aside specific times when prayer is a central focus.

We have services that are focused on prayer, and our leadership team meets to pray for the church each Monday evening.

We occasionally take the opportunity to walk round the local community praying as go for issues and concerns we see. We also hold special 24/7 prayer weeks, where we spend a continuous time in prayer.

Church members also operate a prayer chain, so that urgent needs can be passed on by telephone and prayed for immediately. 

What is prayer?

Simply put, prayer is a conversation with God.

Our God, the creator and sustainer of the universe, takes delight when we approach Him in prayer Proverbs 15:8. Whether said out loud or in the quiet of our heart, alone or with others, spontaneously or using prayer materials, prayer that is guided by the Holy Spirit reaches God's ears Job 22:27 

It is an opportunity to take to God our praise, our problems and our petitions; equally it is through prayer that we hear God speak.

How To Pray


Why are we devoted to prayer?

At Westgate Baptist Church, we are passionate about prayer.

We are on a journey from being a church that prays, to being a church devoted to prayer: a house of prayer.

The points below, written by Fred A. Hartley III, help to explain what this means for us...

  1. Prays about what it does. 
  2. Fits prayer in. 
  3. Prays when there are problems. 
  4. Announces a special time of prayer — some in the church show up.
  5. Asks God to bless what it is doing. 
  6. Is frustrated by financial shortfall — backs down from projects. 
  7. Is tired, weary, stressed out.  
  8. Does things within its means. 
  9. Sees its members as its parish. 
  10. Is involved in the work of man.

  1. Does things by prayer. 
  2. Gives prayer priority. 
  3. Prays when there are opportunities. 
  4. Announces a special time of prayer — the entire church shows up.
  5. Asks God to enable it to do what He is blessing. 
  6. Is challenged by financial shortfall — calls for fasting, prayer, and faith. 
  7. Mounts up with wings like eagles, runs and doesn’t grow weary, walks and does not faint.
  8. Does things beyond its means. 
  9. Sees the world as its parish. 
  10. Is involved in the work of God.

A Place for Prayer

When the church building was renovated in 2001, we created a special prayer chapel in the building, which people are welcome to use at any time to pray. Prayer requests can be left in the chapel so that issues can be prayed for by other people who use the room later.

More recently, we have created dedicated space for group and individual prayer.

Consisting of three rooms, the Prayer Rooms is available to all church attendees as well as community and Christian groups looking to draw closer to God, or experience rest from day to day activity and disturbance. A WC, drinks facilities and music system for use in the rooms. 

This environment is enhanced with reminders of the beauty of God's creation and prayer resources are available for those who find them useful. Most of all we want this to be a space to build relationship with God and through this see prayers answered.

We welcome you to use the prayer rooms on all days but please call ahead to confirm availability.

Helping Children Pray

You may find the following articles and links provided by our young church and creche co-ordinators helpful in thinking about how you might pray with your family . (Please note, outside links are provided in good faith but we cannot accept responsibility for their content)
Jonathan Harness, 28/12/2019